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Name:   MartiniMan The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Get woke, go broke
Date:   7/16/2019 8:04:59 AM

Hound, I have to admit I was not very interested in the movie about Queen but a couple of friends watched it and gave it a thumbs up so I took the chance.  I have always liked Queen's music but was not that interested in Freddie Mercury but I saw an interview with him and he seemed more interesting and not at all focused on his sexuality.   So I watched it and other than a few scenes showing men kissing it was extremely good.  There is no sex in the movie and it provides an interesting perspective on just how talented all the members of the band were.  He was a very complex guy and didn't fixate on his sexuality.  In fact he hated all the questions and wanted to focus on the music.  I think you would enjoy the movie, especially if you like the music.  Interestingly, Freddy had a woman friend who he called the love of his life.  He had demons for sure and sadly was enticed into a world that I am not sure he really liked being part of but he couldn't help himself.  As for the Elton John movie, I will not see it because it has gay sex scenes.  Bohemian Rhapsody didn't and was very good.

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