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Name:   flyfisher The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   I have concluded
Date:   9/9/2019 9:41:17 AM

the only way to keep up with the DEM hopeful promises and things they want to ban, is to set up an Excel spreadsheet;

so far, they will ban: gasoline cars, fossil fuels, fracking, children, cows/eating beef, ICE, Police, military, straws, styrofoam, borders, voter registration, prisons, wall street firms;

will institute: free heath care ( legs or illegal, free tuition ( legal or illegal0, no voter ID, prisoners(convicted felons) can vote,75% + tax rate, guaranteed income for those who dont wish to work  or those who just quit their jobs to get a free salary, free needles and shoot up centers, free condoms, open borders;

I'm exhausted--just cant keep up

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