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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Calif homeless//crime/drugs
Date:   9/20/2019 9:00:45 AM (updated 9/20/2019 9:01:38 AM)

Though disposing of waste through a straight pipe is illegal, most of the people who resort to such methods cannot afford to install a septic system, and in large areas in the Black Belt, most septic systems would not work anyway. The Alabama Department of Public Health has decreased emphasis on fining offenders and instead is focused on finding workable solutions to the issue.

The sanitation issues in the Black Belt drew worldwide media attention in 2017, when a team from the United Nations toured the area and said conditions there were “very uncommon in the First World.”


So people in Lowndes Co are breaking the law by running straight pipe sewage out on the ground - To think you are picking literally the 2nd highest black population in the state of Alabama, and probably more importantly an area which votes democrat - something that they have in common with California maybe?


You pick a democratic run, high minority, some of the poorest people in the state to make your arguement - that people pooping in the street of such a wonderful, caring, better educated, higher paid population, diverse, send more taxes to washington then it receives location is just as bad as one of the poorest in Alabama.  Really?

Recently there was a discussion about which state someone would want to live in - I think this helped me make up my mind.  That a city / county government with such a high tax base, highly educated such caring people such as in California can not fix their poop problems - but that is the same as the poorest,  less educated of Alabama, that can not use a normal septic system due to the soil composition being basically solid clay.  You would think that since the soil is a problem, and such a health concern that the City/County would put in a sewer system and treatment plants to resolve this - but again low tax base area, really poor and

A former mayor of a Lowndes County town pleaded guilty to taking $25,370.37 from the town's account for his personal use, Attorney General Luther Strange said.


Huh - Mayor of a county who voted 73% for Hillary stealing from the town - maybe if he was not stealing he could use time and money to work on a sewer system and treatment plants.


Lowndes County

D Hillary Clinton, 73.1 percent, 4,882

R Donald Trump, 26.2 percent, 1,751

I Gary Johnson, 0.5 percent, 32

I Jill Stein, 0.2 percent, 11

Lowndes County Interpretive Center on Highway 80 W in White Hall, Ala. The center is located near the second campsite on the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March historic trail. (Julie Bennett/



So from what I can see with just a little looking this morning is that people who have poop/septic/sewer issues and do not fix their own or vote for people who will fix the local utility issues - Vote for democrats, it is not a education, racial or other issue - Democrats just can not seem to get their chit to go where it belongs.

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