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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Reading comprehension
Date:   9/20/2019 2:09:25 PM (updated 9/20/2019 2:11:50 PM)

"But Democrats keep telling us that they are wonderful peaceful people and the "religion of peace"? 

Hmmm.... Our "Christian" nation murdered and displaced indigenous people and allowed the ownership of human beings for hundreds of years. Not only have we never compensated the descendants of those populations for the original atrocities, they are still the subjects of systemic, as well as personal (e.g., many of the folks who post here) discrimination. Yet Jesus is called the "prince of peace." See any irony (look it up) there?

Yes Christians have done bad things in the past, and the present, and probably the future.  So - you are saying because "christians did something bad" then we can never grow past it, become better - we should always be judged by the sins of those before us -  and more importantly how can we ever argue someone else is also bad?  So have you ever done anything bad?  If you have (which I anticipate you have fallen short of perfection) how are you allowed to criticize the president or anyone else for that matter?  You are not perfect and have not compensated anyone for anything to settling any "origiinal atrocities" so sorry you are as guily as anyone else.

"Obama and Clinton allowed them attack us again on another 9/11"

Now there's a stretch: an attack in another country that resulted in four Americans dying conflated with the worst attack on American soil, in which 2977 Americans were killed on our soil. You're a real rhetorical gymnast, if not terribly insightful or intelligent.

Never equated death counts - that was all on you.  Funny you point out it was "in another country", I am pretty sure that while in another country, are consulates not considered US property?  If your statement is true that the Saudi's were behind the 9/11 as I also believe, then more then likely they were of a Muslim faith, and the ones that Obama and Clinton excused were also. And there are some lovely videos and images of Obama bowing to the Saudi's who you now criticise. 

"And that Trump would become like those really bad people if only he could get away with it?"

There's video and eyewitness testimony for that, phil. An extra term in office, "President for life," telling the cops not to be nice to prisoners, making excuses for MBS's murder and dismemberment of a Washingon Post journalist, making excuses for Putin's murders, etc., etc. If you don't realize that he'd like nothing more than to emulate the tyrants he sucks up to, then you're as delusional as he is.

When his term is over and he does not leave - then we can talk about his "third term" vs you just creating strawmen based on your opinion.  I am amazed that above you can talk about Benghazi being an "attack in another country" and in the same breath state that Trumps opinions about the death of someone in another country should be evidence that he would want to get away with something?  Y you can claim that Obama and Hillary's(excuses) lies about Benghaz was OK - and then attempting to claim I am equating them by body count, and not that GWB excused the Saudi's just as Obama excused Benghazi - you are the delusional one.


You really need help.  When Trump wins his 2nd term I am fearful of what you may do to yourself as you are currently unhinged. 

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