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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Reading comprehension
Date:   9/20/2019 2:34:25 PM

"Yes Christians have done bad things in the past, and the present, and probably the future."

So you're saying Christians (of which there are multiple flavors) are really bad people, right?



See what I did there? (Hint: read your previous comments about Muslims.)


Phil, you'd lose a battle of wits with a half-filled ashtray.



1. Never said there are not bad Christians(past, present and future) - so yes you are correct in that not all Christians are good people. No, I do not hold all present Christians responsible for past atrocities of bad people as you seem to. Do you see what I did there?  Please feel free to go back and re-read your previous comments.

2. In this case do you consider yourself the half-filled ashtray? or the empty one because while you are attempting to twist my statements, I do not feel that you are winning this battle.


Do you care to comment on your decision to consider an American consulate as foreign soil? or your lack of concern for Obama bowing to those same Saudi leaders and excusing the death of Americans and lying about it being because of video ?  Or is it that much like Antifatech you do not seem to find any fault with our previous democrat adminstration, or your excuse is that they are no longer in office so not important and we do not need to discuss that.  I wonder if Obama had had the same colonoscopy treatment by democrats and the media how would his presidency been reflected? But we will never know because any criticism of him was just "racist" and any against Hillary was just "sexist".  Not that they were just bad people doing bad things. 

While I do give fault Trump for many things, I am unable to excuse him for the fact that he has really mentally broken so many democrats.

I believe Obama was the one caught on open mic with something along the lines of tell Putin I will have more flexability after the election.  



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