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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Sigh......
Date:   10/15/2019 5:10:55 PM (updated 10/15/2019 5:27:52 PM)

GFY - I see you post often about others caring about life after the womb?  So you do not care to protect anything in the womb?  Does the child have to be sent through the vagina to become a human?  Do C-Sections count since they did not pass through the magic portal of life?  Is it just a cluster of cells until the dr. smacks in on the bottom to get it to cry?  At what point do you feel that life should be protected?  And at what point do you feel that those protections should no longer apply?

Expecially now that men can menstrate, and can be all a woman that they decide to be.  Men can line up at the local Planned Parenthood to have abortions too now - brought to you by the letter D(Demonrat/Deranged  - your choice).

I am guessing you prefer to have your unplanned clusters of cells sucked out, crushed or sold for parts like a used car up until they vote for a D, if at any point they change parties then I am guessing in your mind they lose their protections?


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