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Name:   johndoe The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   The real problem is EOC,
Date:   10/19/2019 9:36:56 AM

not TDS,  and you MAGAts got it really bad.

Escalation of commitment

Here's an excerpt:

"Economists and behavioral scientists use a related term, sunk-cost fallacy, to describe the justification of increased investment of money or effort in a decision, based on the cumulative prior investment ("sunk cost") despite new evidence suggesting that the future cost of continuing the behavior outweighs the expected benefit."

"In sociology, irrational escalation of commitment or commitment bias describe similar behaviors. The phenomenon and the sentiment underlying them are reflected in such proverbial images as "throwing good money after bad" or "in for a penny, in for a pound", or "It's never the wrong time to make the right decision."

How this applies to MAGAts:

Having cast your lot with a narcistic, sociopathic career criminal, you cannot now bring yourselves to admit how badly wrong you were, despite incontrovertible evidence to that effect. Your only perceived option - irrational as it is - is to double down on your delusional support for #45.

Word to the wise: you really are "throwing good money after bad," and the rest of us see it very clearly. No amount of insistence on your part that what we see really isn't happening will change objective reality. If your concern is with public humiliation, be advised that that is occurring already. Doubling down on your position will only make it worse. In poker terms, you don't have enough money to bluff your way out of this one. We're all going to get to see your cards, and the hand you're holding is pathetically bad....

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