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Name:   MartiniMan The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Trump admin puts the screws to the media
Date:   1/16/2020 1:26:37 PM

A bit arcane but for forever the news media has been given advance notice of government reports (labor, GDP, unemployment, etc.) in a secured room where they can write their stories and headlines ahead of time and release them the moment the govt releases the data.    However, that's not exactly how it happens.  It turns out that the media companies have a paid service that gives the information to their subscribers before the general public.  Even a few seconds of advance notice is worth millions, if not billions to these paid subscribers.  Not available to your average retail investor.  Turns out this practice is coming to an end and starting March 1st everyone gets the information at the same time.

The big losers?  The media because of the tons of money they make off their paid subscribers and the paid subscribers who screw over the little guy by getting ahead of the market with their information.  More reasons why the push to impeach this President.  They kow the average voter would be all for this change.

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