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Name:   Tate AU The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Atlanta People
Date:   2/15/2006 10:12:45 PM

Being from Atlanta, I can tell you that most people (that I know at least) are good down to earth people. However, as with anywhere you go, I have run across a couple of pompous jerks who think the world revolvs around them. I'm a student at Auburn, a friend of mine who i grew up with also goes to Auburn with me. His family owns a house on the south-east side of the lake off HW-9. They take good care of their house and make sure to keep it clean even when they are not there and during the winter. When I visited their lake house I was so impressed with how beautiful the lake was that I am still to this day trying to convince my parents to retire there. Anyways back to the point I saw jawjagals post and my family has also owned a condo in Destin since 83, back when they had to drive to Ft. Walton Beach to find a restaurant. However, I think the difference between Lake Martin and Destin is that Destin was hardly developed when a major magazine ( I believe it was Travel Magazine) came out and said that it was among the top ten beaches in the world. Since then our condo has gone from being worth right at One Hundred Thousand to being worth Well over 1 Million Dollars. I think that even if people from Atlanta begin to move to Lake Martin it will stay the same. I happen to know from experience that one of the reasons for Destin's boom in recent years has been, in part, because of Cobb Counties Spring Break. When I was on spring break there were literally THousands of spring breakers from Cobb County alone. Then those parents who took their teenagers on the trip saw how beautiful the beaches were and wanted to own a place of their own. I know of 13 families who did just that. I wouldn't be too worried about people moving to the lake, as long as they don't rent their property. People tend to take care and respect their own things, whereas vacationers tend to be louder and more careless. As for Destin, this past year was our last year to visit because of the traffic and all, from here on out its Italy!
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