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Name:   Allatoona Bass The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Allatoona Fishing report
Date:   3/16/2008 3:18:49 PM

Water Temperature: 54
Water Clarity: 4 feet or greater

Water Temps are now looking upward from the low 50's and into the mid 50's (Finally). Fishing is pretty good right now with fish chasing up shallow alot more than in weeks past. Water level is 2.9 feet from full pool. Check back tommorrow and I bet we will be close to full pool due to the rain/tornadoes we got yesterday.

The stain line as of late last week is between Kellog Creek and Victoria and I'm sure that it's past Kellogg today towards the dam since the COE is generating a bit now. Fishing is getting interesting with the temps. I had a spot in the 3lb range and a few smaller fish and the head pictured all caught on the 8 inch Hampton Gizzard Shad swimbait that I am working on. Sorry about the edited bait photo. I piddled with the spoon fish for about an hour and caught small whites in 40ft fairly easily, but gave it up to go fishing for the green kind. Most of my fish were at the mouths of creeks (points) on the main lake and they were probably more active in chasing this past week than anyday I have seen since fall.. I actually saw some shad being busted up shallow believe it or not. My pattern was basically putting my trolling motor on Van DAMmit mode and covering water. It won't be much longer until the big toads will show up much more regularly. Give it another week or two (maybe sooner) of nice weather and Allatoona will be busting wide OPEN and you'll start seeing some Allatoona toads show up as we approach the 60 degree mark.

I have gotten quite a few emails from alot of my regulars looking for reports here on the BFHP checking up on me LOL so I thought I would put one up. Business has been good I just ran into a little motor trouble and I think we have that taken care of. I have an article in GON coming out in April that might be an interesting read.

I had TWO cancellations this week :(. I have Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th open and the afternoon of the 27th (Thursday) email me at if interested or visit my website at or

Mike Bucca

URL: Allatoona Bass Fishing
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Allatoona Fishing report - Allatoona Bass - 3/16/2008 3:18:49 PM

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