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Located fifty miles east of St. Louis, Carlyle Lake offers the peaceful retreat of a small town combined with the grandeur of Illinois' largest man-made lake. With 26,000 acres of water and 13,000 acres of surrounding public land, Carlyle Lake offers diverse recreational opportunities and is the perfect scenic getaway for millions of visitors ea...
        Area: 26,000 Acres      Printed Carlyle Lake Map

Rend Lake is a 13 miles-long, 3 miles-wide southern Illinois reservoir in Franklin and Jefferson Counties near Benton, Illinois. The lake contains 18,900 acres of water, stores 185,000 acre feet of water, and supplies over 15 million gallons of water per day to 300,000 persons in over 60 communities. The reservoir is up to 35 feet deep, but its ave...
    Full Pool: 405.0 MSL     Area: 18,900 Acres      Printed Rend Lake Map

Lake Shelbyville is a reservoir located in Shelby County, Illinois and Moultrie County, Illinois created by damming the Kaskaskia River at Shelbyville, Illinois. The lake's normal surface pool is 11,100 acres (44.9 km2) at an elevation of 183 meters (600.4 ft). The area that surrounds the lake is the Shelbyville State Fish and Wildlife Area. The la...
        Area: 11,000 Acres      Printed Lake Shelbyville Map

Lake Name Full Pool *
(MSL) **
Acres River Map
Apple Canyon
Baldwin 2,018
Bluff 86 Buy Bluff Lake Map
Braidwood 2,640 Buy Braidwood Lake Map
Busse 590
Candlewick 210
Carlinville 355
Carlton 77
Carroll 636
Catatoga 66
Catherine 738.0 155 Buy Lake Catherine Map
Cedar 352 Buy Cedar Lake Map
Centralia 400
Channel 738.0 352 Buy Channel Lake Map
Clinton 4,895 Buy Clinton Lake Map
Coffeen 1,100
Crooked 137
Crystal 228
Devils Kitchen 810 Buy Devils Kitchen Lake Map
Druce 89
Dunns 68
East Fork 394
Egypt 2,300 Buy Lake of Egypt Map
Elizabeth 638
Forbes 543
Fox 1,881
Fox & Nippersink 2,120 Buy Fox & Nippersink Lakes Map
Fyre 135
Gages 128
Galena 225
George 167 Buy Lake George Map
Glenn Shoals 1,250
Governor Bond 775
Grass 1,360 Buy Grass Lake Map
Griswold 141
Happy Hollow 30
Heidecke 1,955 Buy Heidecke Collins Lake Map
Heritage 85
Highland 110
Holiday Shores 430
Horseshoe (Anderson) 2,400
Horseshoe (Madison) 2,400
Iroquois 83
Kellart 65
Kinkaid 420.0 2,750 Buy Kinkaid Lake Map
Little Grassy 500.0 1,000 Buy Little Grassy Lake Map
Little Swan 225
Marie 738.0 480 Buy Lake Marie Map
Mattoon 1,065
Petersburg 191
Petite 167 Buy Petite Lake Map
Pistakee 737.0 1,700 Buy Pistakee Lake Map
Sangchris 2,165 Buy Sangchris Lake Map
Sara 840
Shabbona 840.0 319 Buy Shabbona Lake Map
Springfield 559.0 4,234 Buy Springfield Lake Map
Taylorville 1,286
Thunderbird 115
Wee-Ma-Tuk 154
Wolf 907
* Full Pool - Highest normal summer pool level before flood stage
** MSL - Mean (average) feet above sea level

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