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Name:   darel - Email Member
Subject:   Lake levels
Date:   9/27/2007 9:36:03 PM

How much more can norris lake stand to be dropped so much when will it end?

Name:   RetiredNYer - Email Member
Subject:   Lake levels
Date:   10/28/2017 3:51:57 PM

I am quite disappointed with the lake level. We bought this house in Feb,being told by the realtor the water will be in front of our home from April- early Oct. we came back for closing late April/ early May and the water in my finger was beautiful,  it to our surprise,we went on vacation to NY from 8/25,& when we return Aug 7, it was half GONE! Is this the normal? Feel i was lied to,and very disappointed. Is there a way to find out why they have been taking our water so early? My neighbors say it’s been happening earlier and earlier every year. Can’t we fight this?

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