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Name:   vacation The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Brother Dave
Date:   7/19/2022 6:13:14 PM

I only remember this part of one of his story records:

  Joe and Babe were riding on his cycle, Babe behind him.

  Babe said I am cold. so Joe stopped the cycle, took off his leathers putting it on Babe.

  Continued down the road and Babe says I'm still cold, the wind is blowing down the leathers front.

   So Joe stopped again, had Babe turn the leather jacket around backwards. 

   They comensed to ride down the road.  Oh, no they were involved in a terrible wreck. Cycle parts were scattered, Joe and Babe severely hurt.

   Here comes the Sheriff, with the antenna and its racoon tail just a swishing. Screech, stopping suddenly. 

  Ambulance people were already there, Sheriff says 'Are they okay?"

  Ambulance driver said " she was until I turned her head around"


Brother Dave

78 rpm record

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