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Lakes in Alaska, United States

The state with the most lakes is Alaska and not Minnesota despite the "10,000 Lakes" slogan on Minnesota's license plates. Alaska is home to more than three million lakes. Lakes Online focuses on lakes where there are commerce so our list of Alaskan lakes is limited. If it becomes feasible to provide more information about additional Alaskan lakes in the future, we will certainly do so.

Fishing isn't the only activity that attracts people to the waters of the Kenai Lake. There are multiple hiking trails and camping sites in close proximity to the lake. Canoeing, boating, and nature viewing are other popular activities enjoyed on Kenai Lake....
        Area: 13,813 Acres

Lake Louise is located about 175 miles from Anchorage and 46 miles from the town of Glennallen. Sitting on the shoreline is The Lake Louise State Recreation Area which contains 500 of land. The lake and recreation site offer multiple activities for everyone. Boating and fishing are a favorite pastime among lake goers. There is even a seaplane ...
        Area: 16,102 Acres

Naknek Lake is the largest lake located in the Katmai National Park and Preserve. The lake is known for its ample opportunities to see the wildlife at the preserve. Nature enthusiats can spot wolves, moose, and the occasional wolverine, but what really attracts people to the lake are the grizzly bears. Brooks Camp, situated at the mouth of the ...
        Area: 154,880 Acres

Selawik Lake sits on the 2.15 million acre Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge offers multiple lakes and rivers for anglers and boaters to enjoy. There is also ample opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature hiking. Kayaking and canoeing the Selawik River is a popular past time. To take a float trip down the river, a floatplane is ...
        Area: 262,809 Acres

Skilak Lake sits on the Skilak Lake Wildlife Recreation Area which is part of the almost two million acre Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The lake offers activities for every visitor including camping, hiking, nature watching, fishing, swimming, and much more. There are seven hiking trails of varying difficulties located within the recreation a...
        Area: 24,711 Acres

Tustumena Lake is located within the almost two million acre Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge offers activities for every visitor including camping, hiking, nature watching, fishing, and much more. While boating is a popular past time, the lake has a history of being dangerous for small boats. This is due to the high winds that blow o...
        Area: 60,000 Acres

OTHER LAKES IN ALASKA (alphabetical)
Lake Name Full Pool *
(MSL) **
Acres River Map
Abyss 635 Dundas River
Aleknagik Wood River
Becharof 453 Egegik River
Big Lake 2,495
Birch 808 Tanana River
Blue 1,225
Campbell 29
Chena 259 Chena River
Cooper 3,100
Cottonwood 262
East Twin 17 Chilikadrotna River
Echo 23
Encelewski 101
Finger 362
Harding 2,470
Iliamna Kvichak River
Lower Fire 57
Lucile 362
Lucille 362
Memory 84
Mirror 62
Nancy 761
Pippin 154
Quartz 1,500
Red Shirt 1,183
Swanson River
Wasilla 374
West Twin Chilikadrotna River
* Full Pool - Highest normal summer pool level before flood stage
** MSL - Mean (average) feet above sea level

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