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Lakes in Arkansas, United States

Beaver Lake is a man-made reservoir in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and is formed by a dam across the White River. Beaver Lake has some 487 miles of natural shoreline. With towering limestone bluffs, natural caves, and a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs, it is a popular tourist destination. Beaver Lake is the source of drinki...
    Full Pool: 1,121.0 MSL     Area: 28,220 Acres      Printed Beaver Lake Map

Bull Shoals Lake offers diverse wildlife species, varied fisheries, open waters for sailing and boating, picnic shelters and swimming areas, boat ramps, and scuba opportunities. Visitors enjoy these and many other recreational opportunities. The reservoir lies in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. The woo...
    Full Pool: 659.0 MSL     Area: 45,440 Acres      Printed Bull Shoals Lake Map

Lake Conway is the largest man-made game and fish commission lake in the United States. Construction of the lake began in 1948, with its waters coming from the runoff of Stone Dam Creek, Gold Creek, Palarm Creek, Little Cypress Creek and Panther Creek. Its average depth is six feet, with a maximum depth of 18 feet. The lake is approximately eight m...
        Area: 6,700 Acres

Lake Dardanelle is a major reservoir on the Arkansas River in Arkansas, USA. Russellville lies on Lake Dardanelle, and the lake provides many recreational opportunities. Lake Dardanelle covers nearly 40,000 acres of land, which provides lots of area for boating, fishing, picnicking, camping and scenic views. The lake extends from Dardanelle Loc...
    Full Pool: 338.0 MSL     Area: 34,300 Acres      Printed Dardanelle Lake Map

DeGray Lake is a reservoir on the Caddo River, 8 miles (13 km) from Arkadelphia. DeGray Lake offers a huge span of recreational area and spectacular views. Arkansas Scenic Byway 7 is located on the eastern shore of the lake, and provides views of the lake, and also places to stay down the road. DeGray lake and dam were authorized by Congress in t...
    Full Pool: 408.0 MSL     Area: 13,400 Acres      Printed DeGray Lake Map

The Felsenthal Lock and Dam is part of the Ouachita River Basin, which is characterized by hilly wetlands and the 605-mile Ouachita River running through it. Local recreational activities include boating, camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking....
        Area: 15,000 Acres

Greers Ferry Lake is the reservoir formed by Greers Ferry Dam, a United States Army Corps of Engineers dam in Northern Arkansas. It is located about 60 miles (100 km) north of Little Rock. It is often ranked as one of the top ten clearest, cleanest, and most pristine lakes in all of North America. The reservoir consists of two lakes connected by a...
    Full Pool: 461.4 MSL     Area: 31,500 Acres      Printed Greers Ferry Lake Map

Lake Greeson is a reservoir on the Little Missouri River, about 6 miles north of Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Famous for its scenery and recreation, it is surrounded by 15 parks that offer opportunities for camping, fishing, boating, biking, and swimming. The lake is created by Narrows Dam, named after the area in which it is located, "The Narrows". La...
    Full Pool: 548.0 MSL     Area: 7,200 Acres

Lake Hamilton was created in 1932 when the Arkansas Power and Light Co. completed Carpenter Dam on the Ouachita River to generate electricity. Today, the 7,460-acre impoundment is one of Arkansas's most popular recreational and residential lakes. Much of it is ringed with condominiums, resorts, motels, restaurants and private homes. State Scenic 7 ...
        Area: 7,200 Acres

Central Arkansas's main water supply, Lake Maumelle has an area of 8,900 acres covering an area of 14 square miles and a 70-mile shoreline. No swimming is allowed but boating and fishing are popular pursuits. The lake is well-known for the many sailing regattas it hosts and is used extensively by weekend skippers as well....
        Area: 8,900 Acres

Millwood Lake is a reservoir in southwestern Arkansas, United States. It is located 9 miles from Ashdown. The lake is formed from the damming of the point where the Little River and the Saline River meet. Lake Millwood is mainly recognized for its beauty and fishing. There are 15 recreational parks around the lake to provide campers with picnic ...
    Full Pool: 259.2 MSL     Area: 29,200 Acres      Printed Millwood Lake Map

In the late 1930's, before construction of the Norfork Dam had begun, the local economy of Baxter County, Arkansas was deteriorating. The yearly per capita income had fallen to between one-hundred and two-hundred dollars, and in 1940 alone more than six hundred small farms were abandoned. Those who remained looked forward with enthusiasm to any sol...
    Full Pool: 552.0 MSL     Area: 22,000 Acres      Printed Norfork Lake Map

Lake Ouachita (Pronounced WAH-shi-tah) is a reservoir created by the damming of the Ouachita River by Blakely Mountain Dam. The Downstream side of Blakely Mountain Dam as photographed from the river in July 25, 2009 Blakely Mountain Dam was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers from 1948 to 1953 for hydroelectric power, recreatio...
    Full Pool: 578.0 MSL     Area: 40,000 Acres      Printed Lake Ouachita Map

Ozark Lake is a major unit in the multiple-purpose plan of development of the Arkansas River and tributaries, known as the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. Ozark Lake covers 10,600 acres of water area and a land area of 6,349 acres surrounds the lake and extends around the shoreline for a distance of 173 miles. The lake is situated ...
        Area: 10,600 Acres

Lake Name Full Pool *
(MSL) **
Acres River Map
Atalanta 30
Austell 66
Bald Knob 154
Bear Creek 625
Beaverfork 960
Bennett 33
Blue Mountain 384.0 2,910
Brock Creek
Cane Creek 1,675
Catherine Ouachita River
Charles 645
Columbia 3,000
Cove 160
Craighead Forest 60
Crown 645
DeQueen 437.0 1,700
DeSoto 200
Dierks 526.0 1,360
Dunn 68
Erling 2,350
Fayetteville 230
Fort Smith 260
Frierson 335
Georgia Pacific 1,800
Gillham 502.0 1,300
Harris Brake 1,240
Hinkle 960
Island Forty Chute
Leatherwood 85
Monticello 1,402
Moro Bay
Nimrod 342.0
Omaha 139
Poinsett 640
Storm Creek 425
Walcott 31
Wapanocca 600
Wedington 102
White Oak
Windsor 220
Winona 1,280
Winthrop Rockefeller
* Full Pool - Highest normal summer pool level before flood stage
** MSL - Mean (average) feet above sea level

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