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Lakes in Oklahoma, United States

Broken Bow Lake is a reservoir in southeastern Oklahoma, located on Mountain Fork River and 9 miles northeast of the town of Broken Bow in McCurtain County. It is one of the largest lakes within the state of Oklahoma, and a popular tourist destination for locals and visitors from neighboring Texas and Arkansas. The lake stretches 22 miles back int...
    Full Pool: 602.0 MSL     Area: 20,500 Acres      Printed Broken Bow Lake Map

Canton Lake is a lake in Blaine and Dewey counties in Oklahoma, near Longdale and Canton. Its main source of water is the North Canadian River. It's about an hour away from Enid. Canton Dam was a 1948 project of the Southwestern Division of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The earthen structure is 68 feet high and 15,140 feet long at its...
        Area: 7,910 Acres

Eufaula Lake is a reservoir in Oklahoma. It is located on the Canadian River, 27 miles upstream from its confluence with the Arkansas River and near the town of Eufaula. The lake covers parts of McIntosh County, Pittsburg, Haskell and Okmulgee counties and drains 47,522 square miles. Water sources include the Canadian, North Fork Canadian and Deep ...
    Full Pool: 585.0 MSL     Area: 102,200 Acres      Printed Lake Eufaula Map

The Fort Gibson Dam is a gravity dam on the Grand (Neosho) River in Oklahoma, 5.4 miles north of Fort Gibson. The purpose of the dam is flood control and hydroelectric power production. It was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1941 and construction began the next year. During World War II construction was suspended and it recommenced in May 19...
        Area: 19,900 Acres      Printed Fort Gibson Lake Map

Grand Lake o' the Cherokees is situated in Northeast Oklahoma, nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountain Range. The "o'" in the name of the lake stands for of not over. Grand Lake Of the Cherokees is the official name. It is often simply called Grand Lake. It is administered by the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA). Grand Lake has a surface ...
    Full Pool: 744.0 MSL     Area: 46,500 Acres      Printed Grand Lake O' the Cherokees Map

Lake Hudson, also known as Markham Ferry Reservoir, is a man-made reservoir in Mayes County, Oklahoma, about 2 miles northwest of Locust Grove, Oklahoma and 8 miles southeast of Pryor, Oklahoma. It was created by the completion of the Robert S. Kerr dam on the Grand River in 1964. It is managed by the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA). The lake h...
    Full Pool: 756.0 MSL     Area: 12,000 Acres      Printed Lake Hudson Map

Hugo Lake is manmade lake located 7 miles east of Hugo, in Choctaw County, Oklahoma, USA. It is formed by Hugo Lake Dam on the Kiamichi River 18 miles upstream from the Red River. The dam is visible from U.S. Route 70, which crosses its spillway just west of Sawyer. Lake Hugo features approximately 110 miles of shoreline and covers over 13,250 acre...
    Full Pool: 405.0 MSL     Area: 13,250 Acres

Kaw Lake is a reservoir completed in 1976 in the northern reaches of the U.S. state of Oklahoma, near Kaw City. It is approximately 8 miles east of Ponca City. Kaw Dam is 9,466 feet long and 121 feet above the stream bed. The dam lies 654 miles above the mouth of the Arkansas River. The top of the flood control pool is 1,044.5 feet, while the norm...
        Area: 17,000 Acres

Keystone Lake is a reservoir in northeastern Oklahoma on the Arkansas and Cimarron rivers. It is located upstream about 23 miles from Tulsa. It was created in 1968 when the Keystone Dam was completed. The primary purposes are: flood control, hydroelectric power generation, wildlife management and recreation. Keystone Lake is about 23,600 acres in ...
        Area: 26,000 Acres      Printed Keystone Lake Map

Lake Oologah is a reservoir in northeastern Oklahoma. It is located near the towns of Oologah, Nowata, and Claremore. The lake has a surface of 29,500 acres of water and 209 miles of shoreline with 11 lake-side parks. The water storage capacity is rated as 552,210 acre feet. The lake is formed along the Verdigris River, and is a source of water for...
    Full Pool: 638.0 MSL     Area: 29,500 Acres      Printed Oologah Lake Map

Robert S. Kerr Reservoir is located within the Cookson Hills, on the Arkansas River in Sequoyah, Le Flore, Haskell, and Muskogee counties in eastern Oklahoma, USA. It is about eight miles south of the nearest major town, Sallisaw, Oklahoma. The reservoir is impounded by Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam at river mile 336.2 on the Arkansas River, just a f...
        Area: 43,000 Acres      Printed Robert S. Kerr Reservoir Map

Sardis Lake is a reservoir in Pushmataha County and Latimer County in Oklahoma, US. The dam impounding the lake is located approximately 3 miles north of Clayton. The lake covers 14,360 acres with 117 miles of shoreline. The lake is an impoundment of Jackfork Creek, a tributary of the Kiamichi River. The lake's normal pool elevation is 599 feet ab...
        Area: 14,360 Acres

Skiatook Lake is located in Osage County, Oklahoma, 4 miles west of the town of Skiatook, 11 miles east of Hominy, Oklahoma and about 18 miles from Tulsa. The Skiatook Dam is located 14 miles upstream of the confluence of Hominy and Bird Creeks. Gentle rolling hills of Blackjack and Post Oak interspersed with Tallgrass prairie surround the lake. ...
    Full Pool: 714.0 Datum     Area: 10,500 Acres      Printed Skiatook Lake Map

Tenkiller Ferry Lake, or more simply, "Lake Tenkiller," is a reservoir in eastern Oklahoma formed by the damming of the Illinois River. The earth-fill dam was constructed between 1947 and 1952 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for purposes of flood control, hydroelectric power generation. water supply and recreation. It went into full op...
        Area: 12,900 Acres      Printed Tenkiller Ferry Lake Map

Lake Wister is a reservoir in Le Flore County, in southeast Oklahoma. The lake is created by the Poteau River and the Fourche Maline creek. Wister Lake was authorized for flood control and conservation by the Flood Control Act of 1938. The project was designed and built by the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers. Construction began in April 1946, and...
    Full Pool: 478.0 MSL     Area: 7,300 Acres

Lake Name Full Pool *
(MSL) **
Acres River Map
Arbuckle 3,127
Birch 1,137
Chouteau Lock and Dam 2,270
Copan 4,850
Eucha 2,860
Fort Cobb 4,100
Fort Supply 1,820
Greenleaf 26.0 920 Arkansas River
Hefner 2,500
Heyburn 920
Hulah 3,570
Konawa 1,350
Lawtonka 2,398
McGee Creek 3,632
Newt Graham Lock and Dam 1,490
Overholser 1,500
Pine Creek
Sportsman 354
Stanley Draper 2,900
W. D. Mayo Lock and Dam 1,595
* Full Pool - Highest normal summer pool level before flood stage
** MSL - Mean (average) feet above sea level

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