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Name:   Adam Davis The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   water (or lack of it)
Date:   9/7/2012 3:46:37 PM

Well said Leo! I love the comment that "its a resivior you idiots" My cove looks like the amazon jungle and my house is on the market. Lucky me. When are you going to realize that standard weather patterns WILL NOT support your full pool threshold? Now Forsyth is requesting access for drinking water putting a further burden on lake levels. Do the residents that live on this dry hole in the ground factor into any decision making. If I show up for some proposed meeting on this subject, will my voice even be heard? I am not alone here. If we do not see at least two significant tropical events pass over this hole annualy then prepare to take the boat out of the water during the only season you would use it, wait for your recently repaired dock to fold up like an origami airplane and my most favorite, watch the equity in my house leave faster than the speed of light. Come dredge my cove as a professional courtesy. Reach out in some way. I am quite confident there some consessions that can be extended to us. You will have to acknowlede us some day or is your silence actually you screaming "we are not even on the radar"?
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