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Name:   BigFoot The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Maddog takes week 13...
Date:   11/23/2014 9:26:18 AM

WEEK 13:  Maddog and Tommy2 each racked up 14 points(67%) with Maddog being just 1 point off the Tiebreaker score.  Lakngulf continues his excellent work and finished 3rd beating out several others with his Tiebreaker.  In the Overall, WarEagle2010 has the lead with 125 pts. followed by Lakngulf and Bamabob tied at 124.  Dropping the worst 2 now finds Lakngulf has leapfrogged Bamabob by just one point.  Maddog and WarEagle2010 are now just 3 off the pace.  We have one full week and one short-list week left in the competition.  Be alert for unusual game days and starting times the rest of the way...I will post details of this coming week as soon as will more than likely have an early deadline.  Congratulations to all those making the Leader Board for the week.

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