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Name:   realfast64 The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Above 280 bridge
Date:   1/8/2017 8:47:24 PM

Stay to the outside bends and in the middle as you switch to the next outside bend. The only real dangerous place is a rock pile about the size of  kitchen table WHICH is above the Alex City boat ramp on the Alex City side south of the mouth of Coley creek just before you get to the rock wall on the left of the river.  It is clear till you get to the mouth of hillabee creek. stay to the right at the mouth but in the middle.  Stay in the middle left till the mouth of Timbergut then ease to the middle right again till you get to the Logjam Island on the left and NOW YOU NEED TO PROCEED WITH CAUTION . Stay to the right but slow ( one LARGE STUMP IN THE MIDDLE) and numerous huge rocks ans some snags but many fish and some LARGE ROCK FISH. The second most predicable fish on Lake Martin in this area. Large Shiners or spottails and a cork will ruin a youg boy and make memories that a kid and a Dad or Granddad will never forget in a couple of months.

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