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Name:   Mountain Man The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Saturday report
Date:   2/11/2017 9:42:36 PM

Full moon, muddy water and a wind that meant business. The deck was stacked agin' it, but it turned out to be pretty cool. Spent the first couple hours of the morning dragging deep runners around Parkeer Creek. Caught a couple throw backs but noticed a center console that was running planers with what was likely live bait. His net came out a couple times so, I'm guessing that he landed a couple good stripes. Yeah, that was frustrating since they weren't taking my offering.

When the wind got to the point that it was pushing the boat too fast to troll, I tried the more sheltered west bank of Big Kowaliga across from Willow Point. Water was much clearer and 56 degreees. One of the rods had a three way with a Stretch 20 and a spoon. When I crossed a small school of stripes, two of them attacked the baits. I've had plenty of doubles before, but never had two stripes (6-7 pounds each) on the same line in all these years. Landed and released both in good shape. Made for a great morning.

So, get out there guys! Even when conditions look tough, you just might wind up with a day to remember.

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Saturday report - Mountain Man - 2/11/2017 9:42:36 PM
     Saturday report - striper222 - 2/14/2017 8:49:26 AM

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