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Name:   MrHodja The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   TV Antenna, another try
Date:   5/5/2017 8:01:20 PM

There's a significant bovine shinola factor in the name itself.  There aren't any channels broadcasting in 4K, heck they aren't even broadcasting 1080p.  And they all broadcast in HD, but that shouldn't make a bit of difference in the antenna.  Two things are important, though.  Amplified is good if she is a distance from the broadcasting tower(s).  However, if she is interested in channels from one particular area an omnidirectional antenna is a minus.  Be better off with a directional antenna that will collect more of the signal(s) from the desired direction.

As an example, ATT UVERSE recently had a spat with WSFA in Montgomery and that station wasn't covered for a while.  The solution was an eight dollar set of rabbit ears from Wally World.  HD came in just fine.  However, orientation of the antenna was critical...turn it as little as 15 degrees one way or another from the "sweet spot" and the signal vanished.

Unless one is on a pure fiber optic cable feed, the broadcast signal will be a digital signal impressed on an analog carrier of some description.  And even fiber is the modulation of an analog source, light, but the frequency of the light is so high that a light/no light signal can be impressed at the sending end and detected at the receiving end at an exceptionally high rate.

So, important factors are how far your Mom is from the transmitting antenna(s) and where the stations are that she wants to see.  The rest is mostly marketing gobbledegook.

i know you only asked the time and not how to build a watch, but......

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