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Name:   krtracker The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Docking lights
Date:   5/31/2017 1:22:59 PM

what l dont understand is why is the marine police not on the water at night? they get paid by our tax dollars  and boating registrations. the money made in one month would pay for the year from all the idiots in sandy creek alone. we counted over a dozen jet skis running through the islands last week end after 8 pm, no lights. as mentioned numerous boats with docking lights on or no lights! if you check the stats on accidents on this lake you will notice they occur mostly at dusk or night. the marine police know this but seem like they dont care. l have inquired about this at state troopers office and was told budget limitations....not enough officers.  complete BS. THEY KNOW WHATS GOING ON. THEY READ THIS FORUM ALSO. they would rather hassel a family about life jackets or hang out at the rock to watch hot chicks in bikinis shaking their butts rather than dealing with the deadly idiots on the water at night. WAKE UP MARINE POLICE AND DO YOUR JOBS!!!!!! l have been on this lake over 30 years and its always been like this. DONT EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THEY DO NOT KNOW WHATS GOING ON!

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