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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Dumpers
Date:   6/3/2017 1:38:39 PM

I Promise if I ever find trash like that with name and address in it it will return to it origin. The biggest difference is it won't be in a neat package like a garbage bag when I leave. The biggest issue with part timers and trash is they have to leave the can at the street because they are only here on weekends and that is advertising that nobody is there all week. It is an invitation to the criminal element. The boss and I generate abiut one bag a week that gets lost in the huge can so I have invited partners to put their trash in it as the leave. They take advantage sometimes when they have smelly trash they don't want to haul in the trunk of a car. If they come in the truck with an open bed they haul it back to the city. I understand having spent decades as a part timer myself.

  Another kind neighborly thing would be to offer to take parties cans back down the driveway for them if they sign up for service. Neighbors should take care of one another and help when they can. Offering the use of your can to part timers is a  small thing. As full timers we basically have to have service. I also understand it is not much money, like $55 a quarter for us, but the can at the street is an issue. Contractors and DIY guys is a totally different issue. Those dumpers should be shot on sight. Maybe not a kill shot but taking out a kneecap should be justified. ??

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