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Name:   sunover473 The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Marina Tipping Question
Date:   6/3/2017 3:49:21 PM

Our teenage son was a dock hand for the last couple years. They make minimum wage and it's a hot job in the heat all day. They literally burn off the bottoms of their tennis shoes from the heat of the concrete. They were buying their own waters because they simply couldn't keep enough cold that they'd carried from home, so they appreciated when they were given a cold drink. I hope no one offers them any beer, they are mostly high school kids and Auburn students saving up for the year. He would usually get tips from $5-10 per Waverunner and boat, sometimes more for big boats. I was always worried that he'd pull something lifting a full Waverunner of adults up off those ramps. If someone wanted their boat put up and asked for their covers to be put on, help loading at the ramp, help carrying their stuff to their car  or other things they'd tip a lot more. He was a hard worker and we soaked a lot shoes and clothes to get the gas out every weekend. If you feel the dock hand went above normal service to catch your boat from being banged up or held your boat in the heat while your family shopped inside or he ran back and forth getting ice creams for your kids, tip appropriately. Some of them work pretty hard in the summer heat. 

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