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Name:   Blue Creek The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   The Marine Police need our help
Date:   6/11/2017 3:07:45 AM

I've seen posts and talked with several people about what the marine police are doing around the lake.  I haven't been able to verify it but I'm told there is only one officer for the entire lake.  A lot of people complain about the lack of enforcement of the laws.  All you need is a cell phone and some binoculars.  If you can get the registration number of a violator and maybe a little video footage of them violating a law call the marine police and report them.  This applies to wakes from big boats destroying docks and damaging boats etc also.  If I'm not mistaken, the law says a boat operator is responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the wake from his or her boat.  REPORT THEM.  I take videos and make phone calls quite a bit.  I'm tired of rude people acting as if they own the lake.  My only problem with the marine police, and it's actually not their fault because they don't make the laws, is that there are people that are exempt from taking the boater exam by virtue of their age.  That's mos absurd thing I've heard in a long time.  I had to take the test ( and I took it when it became a law and there was no internet.  I was 35 years old and when I took it and have been operating power boat since I was 4 years old.  That's right 4.  My mother in law is at the age where she doesn't have to take the test yet can't identify a boat 3 out of 5 times successfully.  If anybody has to take the test, everybody has to take it.  There shouldn't be an internet version either but they could take all the coastal questions out of it too.  A boat license is now about as easy to get as a loaf of bread.

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