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Name:   Buteye The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Finding New Posts
Date:   6/12/2017 1:38:15 PM

I have inquired several times asking if someone could fix the Select View Mode so you can pull up the latest post under any one of the main topics. At one time you could select "Recent" under any one of the major topics and it would list the posts under that topic beginning with the newest post. Now, regardless of which major topic you select, when you click on "Recent" from the Swlwct View Mode it pulls up the posts from "Lake Martin Topics". A good example of what I am discussing can be seen if you try to find the post under "Off Topic" today  dated    6/12/2017 12:36.21 PM. The only way to find that post is to continue to search back and you eventually find it is feferring to a post that was generated by Flyfisher on 5/27/2017 1:39:31 PM Subject: Microsoft Outlook HELP. I think maybe GoneFishin may have suggested contacting Webmaster and if that is the right approach would someone please do that? Thanks.


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