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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Invasive Species Report
Date:   6/29/2017 10:28:28 AM (updated 6/29/2017 10:35:30 AM)

  In the very end of our slough a type of "lilly pads" took root a few years ago. The most affected homeowners have fought it for years. Last year APCO even showed up and sprayed them. But this year they are back with a vengeance.. When they sprayed last year they told me it was an invasive, non-native species and needed to be eradicated. I went online to fill out a report and was contacted by Josh Yerby. Since I can't cut and paste to the forum I will quote one sentence from his email. "Yellow Floating Heart is an exotic plant and we are very concerned about its impact to homeowners and the native habitat".

  After his email we  spoke by phone and he reiterated their concern about this species and even stated they were still trying to figure out how it got here. He also assured me they would spray as often as needed to eradicate it. It spreads by breaking off in clumps several feet in diameter and floating away. I have seen many such clumps float out over the years and as prolific as this plant is I am sure there must be more if it down Manoy Creek. If you know where any of this is please contact Josh and let him know. There are only a handful of guys in this department and they must cover the entire state so they are spread thin. He told me homeowner reports are their best tool in identifying problem areas. They are coming to the area soon so any additional data would certainly help them in eradicating this plant.

  Contact Josh Yerby

OF ice #205-664-6072 Cell 205-446-2118

Stangley I can post pics but can't cut and paste. One of many things that make me go hmm.


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