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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   good question
Date:   7/10/2017 1:12:30 PM

Ok loonytoon - you go find where I published someones name on here or outed someone.


I do recall someone else making a warning to GFY about knowning him in reality and that he was not this big of an ass in real life.  Again you are wrong, it was not me and you are a liar for saying so.  You are fake news.


Now is it ethical for you to lie about me, acuse me of a "outing" someone when I did no such thing.  I do not know anyone on here personally and do not know their names/addresses or anything else other than they "claim" to be on this river or that or they publically stated comments such as yourself being a retired mental health patient err professional.


No the goldwater rule was created to keep mental health professionals from commenting on someone who they have never met, nor personally or professionally interviewed or had a session with on proclaming wild a$$ diagnostic evaluations on a public figure for partisian cause. .


Now you/GFY/Arch please post MY post where I outed someone, talk about lack of ethics.  You are CNN, you are fake news, you are a liar and want to rewrite professional ethics codes because you want to be able to talk trash about Trump's mental health while violating a standard for your profession that states you do not make public comments about public figures because you dont like them or disagree with their politics without him being your patient or having actually had a session with him.  You are the one who is making mental health diagnostics of Trump, You have never had a session with him.  I am pointing out that based on retirement you claim you are no longer bound by the ethical standards of your profession.  You want to bash Trump go for it, you want to make a evaluation - you are the one who is acting against mental health standards and ethics.

You have proven yourself to be an unethical hack and do mental health professionals a disservice.

Now as for pussy grabbing - Bill Clinton grabbed plenty and you D's love him still.  Now when Trump is found guilt of a crime or has a stain on a dress of one of his intens that actually proves something we can talk about it.  I think Clinton said it best - Its just sex.  

While some of Trumps sexual harrassment charges are still being litigated, I notice that not even FNN or PMSNBC talks much about it anymore, which makes me wonder how many of these woman who may or may not have done something with Trump consensually at the time got on the D's payroll to try to derail his election, much like this Russian nothing burger is still trying to do.

You probably voted for Hillary which would have put Bill Clinton the known sexual predator back in the White House with a fresh flock of interns, or are you one of the D's who actually voted for Berney because you didnt want Bill as 1st predator?  Please speak up loudly and proclaim that Bill Clinton likes stuffing girls with cigars under the oval office desk...  

I know a lot of people who have bragged about a lot of things in their lives that never happened, or make it sound like more then it ever was - now Bill on the other hand dropped a DNA load on Monica in the Oral Office - at a minimum that is sexual harrassment in the workplace.


Now explain to me how any of that is the ethical thing to do....







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