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Name:   MrHodja The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   SENATE
Date:   9/28/2017 9:41:49 PM

There is a black State Representative from Montgomery named Alvin Holmes.  Alvin's first reaction to just about anything is to scream racism, no matter how ludicrous it might be to any level headed human being.  He is a joke everywhere except in his district.  My son was working in the food service industry one time when his employer got the gig to supply a reception for community leaders.  One of the offerings on the food line was boiled shrimp.  My son tells me he sees Alvin stuffing all the shrimp into his pocket then loudly says "reckon when they gonna bring some more of those scrimps".  In another case he was stopped for weaving all over the road and when the officer asked him to get out of his truck it was obvious he had peed all over himself.  Inexplicably he was not arrested.  I asked a black co-worker how it is that he keeps getting elected and my friend said "look at his constituency", meaning his district is among the poorest and blackest in Montgomery, and his cries of racism at every turn makes them think he is standing up for them.

OK, long winded but the parallel applies to Roy Moore.  He plays to his base, which is the conservative Christian populace.  He is no dummy, but if elected his influence will wane, because as another poster said (in a way), he is going from being a big fish in a little pond to a guppy in the ocean.  His schtick won't go anywhere in DC.  Question is, though, will we be able to replace him when he comes up for reelection?

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