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Name:   architect The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Do you still feel the same?
Date:   9/30/2017 2:37:56 PM (updated 9/30/2017 2:49:39 PM)

A few weeks ago l seem to recall there were several comments on this forum in support of Gen Honore's critcism of the Houston mayor's failure to order an evacuation before Hurricane Harvey.  Well today the good general was asked to comment on our President's tweet that was highly critical of the mayor of San Juan. PR.  General Honore responded by sayin he had no response except to point out that the mayor was sleeping on a cot while the president was enjoying golf at one of his resorts on the taxpayer's dime!  Do those who praised the general then regarding comments about Houston still praise him now regarding his comments on San Juan?

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Do you still feel the same? - architect - 9/30/2017 2:37:56 PM
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