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Name:   MartiniMan The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Baker Mayfield made me pull for UGA
Date:   1/2/2018 11:51:18 AM

My New Year's Day college football binge went pretty well.  All the teams I wanted to win in the earlier bowls did so.  And I started out the Rose Bowl ambivalent at best as to who won until the latter part of the first half when Baker Mayfield started talking smack (UGA needs some help) and yucking it up with the ESPN guys that did the half time show.  I really think OU believed they had it in the bag after the first half and for good reason.  But it transformed from confidence to cockiness on the part of Mayfield and that really turned me off.  He looked very beatable in the second half and the ending was a delight.  I told my wife about midway through the 3rd quarter that the first team to 50 would win the game.  Was ambivalent about the Clemson-Alabama game so I went to bed after half time.  They will be hard to beat because their defense is soul crushing.  UGA can do it but not if they turn the ball over and only if their offensive line can handle Alabama's rush.  A freshman QB, no matter how talented, is going to get rattled if they terrorize him.  Smart will need to bring their A game.

And any time the Harbaugh brothers lose is a good day for me.  I am of course referring to the Ravens loss and elimination from the NFL playoffs as well as Michigan losing to South Carolina.  I love to see them whine and in pain when they lose.  There is a reason I refer to them as the Whiney Harbaugh brothers.  Petty?  Yes......

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