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Name:   Talullahhound The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Gun Control
Date:   3/5/2018 5:47:27 PM

I have several people that I am friends with from High School.  We went to high school in the late 60s/early 70s.  I guess back in the day I would have been considered a liberal, because I didn't believe in the Viet Nam war (still don't, although married to a VN vet), and a lot of "liberal" things that a lot of people believed at that time.  

So these (continued) liberal friends of mine have been posting all of the anti-gun BS, and I have politely tried to correct their "facts" about guns.  Yesterday, I asked one of them if she had ever actually held a gun and fired it.  She replied no, because she never wanted to kill anything.  Even a target?  No.  To me, that immediately takes her out of the argument.  Anyone that had never held and fired a gun had no idea about the capabilites of a gun, what you have to do to shoot it, and what it feels like when you pull the trigger.  She has no idea what she is arguing against, other than other liberal's words.  

Then another friend popped up and said Trump was going to force teachers to carry guns.  Now, to my knowledge no one has ever said that teachers would be forced to be armed.   I have found myself correcting a lot of people on this point.  It woud seem a lot of people read a lot of anti-gun BS, and take it at face value.  I really doubt that this friend has ever held or shot a gun either.  Doubt either one of them knows anyone who hunts.  

I am constantly confounded about whether I should correct their "facts" or whether I should leave them in their ignorance.  

Another thing I wonder is how people don't change from HS.  All of us are college educated and I would think at this age (63) we would have learned only to believe half of what you hear or read.   I honestly think they are appalled by the things I believe in now.  

How are you handling people that you know and generally like, but have some really off the wall thoughts on guns and things?  

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