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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Help! Need Good Lawn Care for Weeds
Date:   4/25/2018 8:29:44 PM

Is it weeds or clover? There is also a wild flower that is very prevalent  this year. It has a tall stalk and several blue flowers on it. It reminds me of hosts when it blooms. If it is either or both of those just cut it a few times and they wil dissappear. The late frost this year stunted the grass. It had been warm enough to bring the grass out of its dormant state but then turned cool with a couple of heavy frosts that stunted it and allowed the clover to flourish.

Be careful who you use because most of them will spay with chemicals that wash into the lake and kill vital. Lake flour. If you want someone to keep it cut contact Ronnie Lynch at 256-749-3060. He has been doing lawn maintenance in Alex City and the lake for 27 years.

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