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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Publix?
Date:   6/2/2018 1:40:19 PM

One of my BIL's retired from Ecolab and spent a good portion of his career in the restraint/food service division and hence was in the kitchens of every major franchise resterauant there is at one time or another. Having seen them all there were very few he would eat at. But one of his absolute "no goes" was Ruby Tuesday. He says they were all nasty and he was in every one of them in the Atlanta metro area over and over again for years. He has been retired for a jumper of years now and before that spent the last decade or so in  the commercial  pool division so corporate culture could very well have changed and it was definitely the corporate culture that was to blame. One or two dirty locations could be blamed on local management but when they all are the same over such a large area it is bigger than local issue.

That is why I have been to the AC store exactly one time when I was overruled by a group. I didn't say anything so as not to ruin the others experience, but I just had the salad bar. Obviously much to the dismay of many of you I'm sure, I survived.

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