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Name:   Wakely The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   What was the proper response?
Date:   7/6/2018 11:59:26 AM

As we were headed home after the fireworks, a large and new pontoon boat cruised right up to us, and the occupants berated us because (they said) our boat was "hard to see." While our boat might be small by some standards (18 feet) it DOES have a complete set of running lights, and I had all of the required lights on: navigation lights, anchor light, and instrument lights. I said "I have on every light I'm required to have, which is every light on the boat." Was that enough, or should I have added:

A. "You can't see me because you have on your cool blue LED strips, your docking lights, your interior courtesy lights and pretty much every other light on that boat, so you have effectively rendered yourself night-blind."

B. "You can't see me because you are blind drunk; I can tell by the way you are talking, and the fact that I can smell the alcohol on your breath from way over here."

C. "You only think you can't see me; check this out!" as I shine a high-powered hand-held spotlight at his face.

D. Both A and B

E. Both A and C

F. Both B and C

G. A, B and C


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