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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   I believe
Date:   9/14/2018 8:59:04 AM


If there is no water, disease will come," said Ortiz, who is a nurse and a mother of three. "Right now, we are rationing what we have in the house because we haven't seen a water truck come by here."

Along Puerto Rico's Highway 10, which cuts a jagged north-south route through the center of the island, cars line up against the columns of granite on each side of the roadway. While it is now normal to see dozens of vehicles on highway shoulders as drivers search for cellphone reception, these drivers are searching for spring water.

Between the craggy rocks flows the bubbly life-giving liquid. Years ago, someone tapped the mountainside, installing a piece of PVC pipe that now acts as a crude spigot for the natural water that flows through the region.

Samuel Colón, 56, and his wife, Wanda López, 51, brought plastic soda bottles, old paint buckets and coolers to collect the water and load it into their pickup truck.


So lets let water sit till it spoils and is unusable - wonder how the people or Puero Rico feal about having to collect water from springs and creeks that may or may not be clean, when there is clean bottled water spoiling in the sun, and you defendit while taking a cheap shot at the GOP of Alabama and that no one took care of PR because they are not allowed to vote in elections?  The supplies where delivered but stolen by leftist crooks who run the island, not the GOP not the NRA, not FEMA, not Trump,  not the latest left wing claimed boogyman.  All to the left of your self proclaimed center isle.  LMAO

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