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Name:   phil The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Phil, calm down
Date:   11/15/2018 8:37:09 AM (updated 11/15/2018 8:38:41 AM)

so to excerpt to figure out where your panties got all twisted.

or was it that the officer who without full knowledge of the situtation opened fire on someone who stopped someone with criminal intent?  Unfortuantly the officer killed someone who did not deserve it, and will have to live with those consequences and hopefully there will be a review of what went right and wrong and additional traning required.


So an officer, your words "good guy with gun"  my contention is not all cops are "good" and some suffer from your same fear of the lawfully armed and are more then willing to shoot first and ask questions later.  

and for your question of the last paragraph being pure racist incitement

As this case does not fit the narrative that the left wants to hype I do not forsee law abiding citizens or demonthugs looting, burning and rioting.  Now had the security guard killed the criminal, Chicago would probably currently be burning bright.


I stand by this statement in that for starters "law abiding citizens" are not doing the looting, burning and rioting.  It is simply a statement based on past Obama era riots/looting/arson that in the case of a shooting it only seems to cause people to riot and loot when the criminal is the one who gets shot.  So as the mayor indicated that they considered it a blue on blue shooting (his words) or "friendly fire" I am sure that it will not get as much traction by the demonrats in the news.


I stand by my entire post - you brought race into it by implying we had not rabidly posted it like you did because he was black. You like always post pure insanity, and I love how you put it that the security guard "got himself killed" for doing his job.  You have to be the most miserable person in real life.


Name:   architect The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Hey GF, where are
Date:   11/14/2018 12:47:10 PM


the gun lovers to explain how a "good guy with a gun" and a security guard to boot who was in the process of doing what "good guys with guns" do  as in disarming a "bad guy with a gun" got himself killed by the other "good guys with guns" (the police)?  Oh wait a minute...this "good guy with a gun" was black!  Stupid question...carry on.


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