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Name:   Old Diver The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Worst Pain
Date:   8/24/2019 12:29:22 PM

A bunch of old guys were sitting around a bar when the subject of pain came up.

   Bill said, " Well' I guess I have experienced the first and second worst pain."

   "What was that?"his friends asked?

   "Well," he said, "Once when I was out hunting I had  an urgent call of nature. I accidently sat down on a bear teap. It caught me on my private parts."

    "Wow," his friends said, "That must have been the worst."

    "No," he said. "That was second."

    "My God." his friends asked, "What was first."

   " That was when I ran out of chain!"

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Worst Pain - Old Diver - 8/24/2019 12:29:22 PM

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