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Name:   architect The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Yes I have MM (too bad you are afraid to
Date:   9/5/2019 10:26:59 AM (updated 9/5/2019 10:34:22 AM)

read my posts) The cone and the spahgetti diagrams in the days before Dorian even became a hurricane showed a very slight possibility the storm might go NW across the FL penisula and briefly into the gulf but only a few stray spaghetti strings showed Alabama comining into play (a similar few showed MS. LA and TX being a very slight possibility...why didn't Trump warn them?).  hundreds of Spaghetti strings showed the storm going up the FL peninsula or along the east coast.  Trump made his error (an innocent one which he is incapable of admitting) 4 days after ANY forecasts showed any chance of Dorian even getting into the big bend gulf area of FL...period.  During the entire coverage of the storm neither NOAA, NHC nor NWS EVER mentioned any possibility of Alabama being in play...period. They certainly never said, as Trump claims, it was a ''95% possibility!  Face it MM, Trump f##ked up again and, as is typical, can never simply say he was mistaken. Instead he feels obligated to compound the error by telling multiple verifiable lies.  It is also typical that those who are captured by the TPC (Trump personality cult) are as unable to admit the truth as he is! 

And MM, it is not irrelevant because of the way your leader has handled and continues, as recently of this morning, to handle it! It certainly should have been irrelevant and would have been had the person in charge had a brain larger that that of a south GA gnat!!

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