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Name:   architect The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   No Carlson
Date:   9/8/2019 8:46:07 PM (updated 9/8/2019 8:50:26 PM)

It was an honest question and with you I could not predict an answer.  I do not assume you are a Trumpista (inspite of your recent endorsement) and have generally found your comments much more thoughtful and reasonable than most on the forum.  I appreciate your answer, an extremely rare event on this forum, but would bet the farm it is very different from how most of the forum would answer if they were actually being truthful.  Most hate Obama (or any Democrat) and automatically condemn anything for which he is credited.

In fact I have been surprised that Trump looked as if he was about to make a deal to start to get us out of Afghanistan after 18 years.  Not as good a deal as we had with Iran that he tossed, but at least a start, and was dreading having to post my grudging approval.  Of course I had no reason to worry.  After all  this is Donald Trump with whom no actual real agreements ever seem to go anywhere.  Some people can be described as working in circles...Trump works in a spiral.

BTW:  I would never deny that I loathe Trump and his presidency to the same extent most on the forum feel the same way about Obama. Turn about if fair play!

PS:  I hope you realize Trump should be included in your analysis of those who are playing us for fools.

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