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Name:   Talullahhound The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Statute of Limitations?
Date:   9/16/2019 2:25:07 PM

I see that there is another accusation against Brett Kavanaugh again.  It would seem to me that there should be some kind of limitation on accusations of misconduct in high school and college, when the person involved has not done anything like that as an adult.  Who knows if Kavanaugh drank in HS and College and engaged in questionable behavior.  But the point is, he is now an adult, no one has accused him of anything questionable as an adult and he also has a good record as a judge and also in promoting women.  You know that these things are politically motivated and will serve no purpose than to tarnish an otherwise good reputation.  Now they want to impeach him from the Supreme Court.  Ridiculous.

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