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Name:   architect The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   CRD
Date:   10/16/2019 9:49:33 PM

Let's just pretend that if every single awful crime attributed by you and MM and all the rightwing conspiracy machine to the Bidens is true! Even if, do you think it is acceptable for the president of the United States to use the power, influence and resources of his office and of the dept of State along with his personal attorney to ''request'', with or without an award of taxpayer's money, that a foreign leader collect negative information on the Bidens even thought one of them just happens to be a political opponent?  I'll bet you will say yes because ''it is the president's duty to reveal and fight corruption''.  Fine, then will you give the same answer if it is done by a Democrat in the future when he or she does the same thing?  Such as...well let's say for instance collecting dirt on Evanka or Donald Trump Jr or Donald Trump Sr from China or Russia?  I'll bet not...You will hollar ''No, that is against Federal law!'' and you will be correct!


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