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Name:   John C The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   more info: Wicker Point could be in AC limits
Date:   12/4/2019 1:26:03 PM

here's the update in today's issue:


***** 12.5 miles of Lake Martin shoreline to be in new development  - Officials with Russell Lands on Lake Martin are planning for the future with a new development. The project will include about 1,500 acres, 12.5 miles of shoreline on Lake Martin and about 450 lots, according to Steve Forehand, vice president and general counsel for Russell Lands on Lake Martin. The company has been developing neighborhoods around Lake Martin for decades with developments including Willow Point, The Ridge, Willow Glynn, Trillium, Windermere, Raintree and River Oaks. It is planning its next steps to grow. “We have known for sometime as The Ridge reached buildout we would be looking at another large scale development,” Forehand said. “Wicker Point is it. It won’t be near the same size as The Ridge.” He said The Ridge has a total of about 800 lots and still has interior lots to build on. The Wicker Point area is largely undeveloped but has a few cabins Russell Lands has leased for decades. Utilities and roads will need to be built to accommodate the development. “It is in an area without any real infrastructure,” Forehand said. “It requires a lot of planning and we are in that process. There is still a lot of planning to do. It is not a quick and easy process.” Plans for amenities for the project are still in the development stages. “We haven’t zeroed in on what amenities or the scope of those amenities yet,” Forehand said. Monday night Russell Lands executives requested the Alexander City City Council to ask the state legislature to island annex 1,500 acres of property including Wicker Point in an effort to secure police and fire protection. “Since it is in Tallapoosa County and there is a need of city services, it was a necessary request,” Forehand said. “The cost of the city providing the services will be offset by the collection of additional property taxes and more. It is a win-win for everybody.” Forehand said Russell Lands will continue its efforts to make the development a reality. “We will continue the planning, but we are a long way from moving dirt,” Forehand said. “We think it will be something the city will be proud of.” ********

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