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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   What is the best alternative?
Date:   6/5/2020 2:12:37 PM

I'm sorry but if your life depends on Tallapoosa EMS, your most like dead and just don't know it yet.   My neighbor took a fall a few weeks ago and his wife called T'poosa EMS.  The two kids that showed up looked very unprofessional, unkept even.  By thime they got here he was responsive and we had gotten him on the bed.  They looked him over, took vitals, looked in his eyes and decared his pupils equal, but no mention of reactive which is really more imprortant.  Tehy didn't mention it because they didn't even test for it.  When he said he didin't want to go the hospital they were like, fine, sign here, and off they went.  I know they cant force anyone to go but should at least try to talk them into going, but they said "he looked fine to them". Teh man fell so hard his head knocked a chunk of wood out of the wooden threshold between the Bed and bath rooms for gods sake and is bleeding from a nasty head wound above the eye.

He did agree to go if his wife took him.  She left at the same time as the ambulance and they took him straight to catscan and discovered a massive bleed covering his entire left brain, partly due to two blood thinnners he was on.  Taht was on Friday, he passed away on Wednesday the next week.  Granted nothing they could have done would have changed the outcome in this case, but who knows about the next time.

BTW- I understand most of those guys are paid very little, like 8 to 10/hr range. That is who is coming to "save" you and yours.  IF you want professional, you have to pay professional.  Its a shame that is the service we have here.

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