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Name:   Crimson4Lif The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   fireworks
Date:   6/23/2020 10:49:06 AM


The fireworks can be seen all the way down the Kowliga Bay channel.  As you come into the main channel at the power lines (where the old sailing club used to be) you can see from that point just fine.  However the fireworks are way down towards the bridge.  So you are a good distance from them but you can see and hear the booms.  I will warn you that the further you go down the channel toward Kowliga bridge the bigger risk you take with idiots.  Anchor Bay is about as far as I would go.  Literally thousands of boats are out there and when its over it is like Talledega getting out of there.  For some reason people think they need to floor it to get home.  Wakes are huge and being at night you just have to be on your lookout and aware of your surroundings.  Makes you think...why would anyone go out with that kind of possibility.  Well like I said there are literally thousands of boats out there so many do it.  The vision of white, green, and red running lights are a sight into themselves.  We go every year and it is truly a spectacular sight.

You mention anchoring....that is not advisable.  You just drift and crank to move when needed.  Dont put yourself in a situation to be anchored and need to move.  

Just my .02

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