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Name:   Lifer The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Swim bouys
Date:   6/25/2020 9:19:59 AM

Don't worry. I'm sure lakewatcher is on it!!

Those folks only seem to find 'violations' in certain areas.  He/she/it/ze/xi whatever pronoun lakewatch idnetifies by, Come on with a passive aggressive threat about a situation it knows NOTHING about.  We are so far back in the creek and then back in a slough we get very little traffic but it seems a fair percentage of them seem to come in hot.  All responsible boaters know or immediatly realize it to tight for anything above idle speed when they enter the area.  Meanwhile out in the mouth of the creek in the main channel their is a boat bumper probably 100ft out in the channell. 

So my advice to Lakewatcher2012 is to make sure YOUR house is in order before coming on here to preach to others about the rules and brag about how well you enforce them.  In the meantime I encourage Rooster to move his further out to allow his grandkids to enjoy the water as safely as possible.  Rooster does a good job of waving and hollering to slow folks down if they come in hot.  If they are still plowing water by the time they get to me I don't play as nice.

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