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Name:   GoneFishin The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Internet Speed
Date:   6/25/2020 9:21:21 PM

This info is not from Spectrum at the lake.

The lowest internet I believe Spectrum offers now is 100mps. We have 100 and  I ran today some speed tests today...they were run on wireless. They tell us to run the tests on Ethernet but new Apple computers have no plug in for ethernet. I average around 47mps to  61mps for download depending on time of day.

I have never approached 100. As to speed at home, I don't play games but there are 2 wireless Apples used during the day. Also, I don't watch movies on the Apple.

For our use, they Spectrum is more than adequate which is used to Google, spread sheets, email, and spending the rest of my time on the Forum-Off-Topic.

My router is an Apple router that is 10 years older. I wonder if my speed would be closer to 100 with a new router?

Now to answer your question, how adequate is 50mps...depends how close to 50 you are....but, I am surprised they are offering you 50 as the minimum they show is 100. Go on the internet and look at their site. Are you on someother site that is playing games with their offer?

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