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Name:   Buteye The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Water Bill
Date:   7/1/2020 12:19:55 AM (updated 7/1/2020 12:21:59 AM)

My bill appears to be about the same as it has been. I suggest that you call and ask about your bill. I had a similar situation last year and called asked about it. They suggested some things to look at such as a commode continually leaking because the "flapper" might be old and allowing water to seep by it. That was not my problem but came to find out that I had a slow water leak in a copper pipe underneath the concrete slab." Luckily" my son found the the leak and it happened to be under the slab right where the copper pipe went from the hot water heater through the slab. The reason I say "lucky" is becaiuse the concrete would feel warm right around where the pipe went through slab. My son is a pretty good "handyman" and he was able to use a small "hammer drill" to get through the concrete and repair it. If we had not found the leak I was told it would be pretty "expensive" to have a "company" come in and use their equipment and expertise to locate the leak. Another place to look for a leak would to check the pipe from your water meter to where it enters your house. Good "luck".


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