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Name:   Nancy Christine II The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   Diving at the Rock 10/11
Date:   2/4/2009 8:03:03 PM

I have taken a number of boats off Alabama lakes including Lake Martin.

There is a procedure that needs to be followed set by Alabama law and Marine Police. Before you do any thing you must let them "Police" know what you are going to do or you "CAN BE ARRESTED" if the owner of the sunken boat files a charge. this is a CYA to tell district 3 what your actions are going to be out at the rock.

Alabama has no salvage laws on inland water ways. The owner is always the owner till you file a claim the boat is abandon. It's up to you to prove this in court. But first you "MUST REMOVE" the boat from the lake to be legal. "this is part of possession id 9/10's of the law thing.

It’s based on if the boat is titled or not. This is the main issue. It involves the circuit court and advertising in local papers.

For me it "the boat" needs to be worth the cost. Just the court cost average about $300 to $500.
Also, there are other legal cost.

If you think it’s worth it let me know and I will help you with the procedure. Once you do the first one it’s not such a legal mystery or misery.
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