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Name:   Tate AU The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   seahunt96
Date:   2/9/2009 10:10:42 PM

I understand the need for MP presence on the lake but it would go a long way if they were a little more courteous. My 4 friends and I had an officer stop us and to run a safety check on our boat, which is completely fine. He found that nothing was wrong and he was visibly aggravated that we were not doing anything wrong and became more and more agitated that he couldn't find anything to ticket us for. I was the designated driver for the boat that day and my friends had a cooler of beer (we are all older than 21). The officer told us that my dog was a nuisance because he was barking at him... obviously he was not a dog person but that was a little ridiculous. We were all as cooperative as can be as we complied to his requests of showing life vests and all safety equipment. The thing that really got me was that before he left he told us to "get rid of the beer" .... which is ridiculous... we had a designated driver, we weren't tubing or wake boarding or anything that could be considered dangerous. We were floating in the water with the dog and talking. His attitude was completely unnecessary and he was incredibly rude. Just because he is a police officer does not mean that he has the right to talk down to everyone, especially when we were in compliance with the law and being responsible. He left a bad taste in my mouth and I will not soon forget how we were treated.
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